Thursday, 10 September 2015

Books I Want To Buy.

Hey Guys, I Will Hopefully Be Doing A Book Haul In The Near Future. So I Though I Would Tell You All The Books I Want To Buy, Some Of These Books Will Be In The Haul.

Everything, Everything By Nicola Yoon - Madeline Whittier Is Allergic To The Outside World. So Allergic, In Fact, That She Has Never Left The House In All Of Her Seventeen Years. But When Olly Moves In Next Door, And Wants To Talk To Maddie, Tiny Holes Start To Appear In The Protective Bubble Her Mother Has Built Around Her. Olly Writes His IM Address On A Piece Of Paper, Shows It At Her Window, And Suddenly, A Door Opens. But Does Maddie Dare To Step Outside Her Comfort Zone?

The Potion Diaries By Amy Alward - When The Princess Of Nova Accidentally Poisons Herself With A Love Potion Meant For Her Crush, She Falls Crown Over Heels In Love With Her Own Reflection. Oops. A Nationwide Hunt Is Called To Fine The Cure, With Competitors Travelling The World For The Rarest Ingredients, Deep In Magical Forests And Frozen Tundras, Facing Death At Every Turn.

The Secrets We Keep By Trisha Leaver - Ella And Maddy Lawton Are Identical Twins. Ella Has Spent Her High School Years Living In Popular Maddy's Shadows, But She Has Never Been Envious Of Maddy. In Fact, She's Chosen The Quiet, Safe Confines Of Her Sketchbook Over The Constant Battle For Attention That Has Defined Maddy's World.

Off The Page By Jodi Picoult - Sixteen Year Old Delilah Is Finally United With Oliver, A Prince Literally Taken From The Pages Of A Fairy Tale. There Are, However, Complications Now That Oliver Has Been Able To Enter The Real World. To Exist In Delilah's World , Oliver Must Take The Place Of A Regular Boy. Enter Edgar, Who Agrees To Take Oliver's Role In Delilah's Favourite Bool.

Finding Audrey By Sophie Kinsella - An Anxiety Disorder Disrupts Fourteen Year Old Audrey's Daily Life. She Has Been Making Slow But Steady Progress With Dr. Sarah, But When Audrey Meets Linus, Her Brother's Gaming Teammate, She Is Energized. She Connects With Him. Audrey Can Talk Through Her Fears With Linus In A Way She's Never Been Able To Do With Anyone Before. As Their Friendship Deepens And Her Recovery Gains Momentum, A Sweet Romantic Connection Develops, One That Helps Not Just Audrey But Also Her Entire Family.

The Accident Season By Moira Fowley Doyle - Every October Cara And Her Family Become Inexplicably Accident Prone. Some Years It's Bad, Like The Season When Her Father Died, And Some Years It's Just A Lot Of Cuts And Scrapes. They Know What They Need To Do, Stock Up On Bandages And Painkillers, Cover Sharp Table Edges With Padding, Banish Knives To Locked Drawers, Switch Off Electrical Items. They Buckle Up, They Batten Down.

These Are Not All The Books I Want To Buy But That Would Make This Blog Post Like A Million Pages Long. Hope You Enjoyed!

- Trixellie. x