Friday, 4 September 2015

Eleanor & Park Book Review

Through Out The Six Week Holidays, I Read Eleanor & Park By Rainbow Rowell.

This Book Was Amazing, Heart Warming And Heart Breaking All At The Same Time. I Wasn't Expecting To Care About The Characters And Their Relationship As Much As I Did But I Was Completely Caught Up In The Story. It's Told In 3rd Person And Past Tense, Which I Sometimes Have Trouble Connecting With, But Not In This Case. I Feel Like I Really Know Eleanor And Park, And I Love Them Both Separately But I Especially Love Them Together. It Seemed Like Their Relationship Shouldn't Work, But It Does, Really Well. I Was Grinning Like An Idiot While Reading This Because I Was Just So Giddy Over Their Budding Romance. I Could Feel How Much They Cared For Each Other Like It Was Oozing Off The Page.

Overall, I Loved This Book -- The Characters, The Romance, The Writing And Just The Way Everything Unfolded So Beautifully And It Felt So Real. One Of The Best Contemporary Novels, I've Read In A While. Definitely Recommended!

Hope You Enjoyed This Blog Post And If You Ever Happen To Be Near Or In A Book Store, I Would Definitely Recommend Picking Up A Copy Of This Book.

- Trixellie. x

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